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I want to help you transform the way you work every day. Most people struggle to connect their faith to their daily work. I help people see that God cares about their work, so they can put their faith into action with confidence and purpose.


This weekly 5 min. podcast provides insights into how you can fulfill God’s purpose and calling through the work you are already doing every day.


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You will be challenged, your faith will grow and you will see God move in your life and work like never before! 

7 Tips to Make 2020 A Great Year

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Whether you are the type to set goals
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How to Live Out Your Faith in the Workplace (Interview)

The below interview with Dr. Ryan Howard was hosted by Mike Henry, Sr. from Follower Of One. The interview and below post were originally published at FollowerOfOne.org. Follower Of One
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4 Lessons from Peter Walking on Water

The Apostle Peter was a man who stumbled, but never failed to follow Jesus. His life was filled with many lessons that can encourage us today and give us hope
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Should You Just Let it Go?

What bothers you in your work? Should you just let it go? For many things, we do just need to move on, but there are times when they may deserve
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3 Reasons to Partner with God in Your Work

Should you rely on God in your work every day? We know God partners with people in the Bible, but does He operate that way today? In this post, we
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Are You a Victim of Your Circumstances?

Are things happening to you or are they happening for you? What perspective should you hold? The mindset we adopt can have a huge impact on how we handle what
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Does a Soft Answer Turn Away Wrath?

Have you ever responded to someone in a way that felt great in the moment but eventually embarrassed you? Perhaps you wished you had handled it differently? Sometimes this seems
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Do You Work With Excellence?

God does not do half-hearted work. It is in His nature to do the best work possible. But does He expect the same from us today? Our Biblical Example The
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Are the Events In Your Work Arbitrary?

What if all the circumstances in your work over the past few years were sovereignly ordered by God for your education? Would that change how you viewed some of the
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Is Work Important in the Bible?

Does work matter in the Bible? What does the Bible even say about the topic of work? The answers to these questions are foundational to our faith at work journey.
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5 Steps to Connect Your Faith and Work

Did you know that God created you with your work in mind? He already knew the work you would be doing right now. Whether you love what you’re doing or
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Go With the Nudge

Have you ever had a tiny impression come to your mind? One that you weren’t sure where it came from? If you’re like most people, they often come through as
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