Christ’s Birth and His Second Coming – Ep. 83

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This episode discusses the prophecies and importance surrounding the birth and imminent return of Jesus Christ.

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About This Episode


JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can be easy for many to get distracted from the true reason for Christmas: celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus.

The Bible’s Supernatural Origin

Over 700 different matters are predicted in the Bible through over 1800 different predictions. Many were written thousands of years in advance of when the events were to take place.

The probability that these events would be predicted is considered a mathematical impossibility. It would simply never happen. The fact that these events did occur just as they were predicted is evidence of a supernatural origin from outside the constraints of time, space and matter.

Evidence of Prophetic Timing

The Septuagint is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament scriptures. It was done by 70 Jewish scholars in the third century BC.

This Greek translation included all the books of the Old Testament, including those which made all the prophetic predictions. This demonstrates that the prophecies were written long before their fulfillment and that it could not have been manufactured after the fact.

Birth and Life of Christ

The events and specifics of the birth of Christ were foretold thousands of years before His arrival on earth. Prophecies include the genealogy of Jesus, that He would be bone of a virgin, that He would be presented with gifts and even Herod’s killing of innocent children.

In fact, there are more than 120 prophecies about the life of Christ, which Jesus fulfilled.

Second Coming of Christ

Another topic that doesn’t get discussed enough is the Second Coming of Christ. He promised He would return and the Bible contains 52 separate prophecies spanning nearly 500 verses that tell of the event.

One of the most notable points prophesied about Christ’s Second Coming is that it can happen at any time. Eight different books of the Bible talk about this one point.

We must be ready. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the 10 bridesmaids that were waiting for a groom to arrive. Those who were ready went to the celebration while the others were left behind.

Modern archeological discoveries about the time of Christ have given more understanding of the meaning of this parable and of the prophesied event known as the Rapture.

Are You Ready?

In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus says that not all who call Him Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven and to many He will say, “I never knew you.”

We must know Jesus. We must have a real relationship with Him as Savior and Lord. Matthew 24:27 says that the coming of the Son of Man will be as the lightening comes from the east and shines as far as the west.

Just as the lightning flashes, Jesus could return at any moment. The question is, are you ready?


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