As Close to God As You Want – Ep. 78

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On this episode:

This episode discusses how we are as close to God as we want to be.

This episode also makes several announcements, including the podcast joining the Charisma Podcast Network in 2021 and the addition of a new weekly episode that will talk about things that matter and what’s happening in the world.

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How You Vote Matters to God – Ep. 73

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On this episode:

This episode discusses some biblical principles and who Christians should vote for.

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Link to Episode 34 – Should Christians Influence Politics? 

Republican Party Platform
Democratic Party Platform

Comparison of Party Platforms

Link to Wayne Grudem article on voting for Trump

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Episode Transcript

On this episode, how your vote matters to God.

You’re listening to Your Faith At Work with Dr. Ryan S. Howard, a podcast to inspire and equip you to partner with God in your daily work. Visit your to learn more and download your free copy of 21 Days to a New Workplace You.


Here at Your Faith At Work, we want to talk about how your faith should be in every aspect of your life. There is no separation. It’s a seamless integration. And the question today is who should you vote for? Should you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden? See, I like to cut right to the chase and I’m going to give a very direct answer with some reasons behind that.

Christians Influencing Government

But I want to first establish that as Christians, we have a biblical duty to be informed on the candidates and what they stand for and what they’re going to implement. If we can count on them to implement that and what the Bible has to say about the way governments should be done. And if you want to learn more about that, check out our episode 34,, about how Christians should influence politics and government.

Protecting Rights and Freedom

Now more on the current presidential election and up and down the ballot. Now I would just say it this way. We want to talk about from a biblical perspective, all men are created equal and we have rights that are given to us by God that the government is to protect the constitution, protects those rights. The government protects those rights. The government doesn’t give us those rights.

Discipling Culture

And so we, as Christians should be very influential in politics, we should be discipling culture. That’s what Jesus called us to make disciples of nations. He didn’t just say, make disciples in nations. That’s your faith at work. That’s bringing your faith and biblical principles into every sphere of life.

It’s unfortunate that many Christians are not that well-informed on what God’s Word actually says with regard to this area, because we’ve had some lack of teaching in that area within the church.

Know the Bible, Candidates and Platforms

And so it’s time that we wake up to that and we need to look and see, we need to take culture back. We need to start influencing these things. And so which candidates are gonna put forward those policies when not only do we need to know our Bible, well, we should know who we’re voting for well and not only who they are, but what platforms they stand on.

Based on the Bible

Now with what I’m going to say next, I would just say, if you disagree, let’s talk about it from the Bible. Bring up where in the Bible. And we’re talking to the whole counsel of God. We’re not talking about one verse here or one verse there. We’re talking everything. The big picture together. That’s the way we apply the word of God to our lives and everything that we do.

Pro-Life: A Culture of Life

So Republican platform, Democrat platform. Republican platform is for limited government conservative principles, pro life. That is the slavery topic of our day life. We want to create a culture of life. There is only one platform that is for life. The other platform is for increasing access to abortion up to and after birth. Now that is anything but biblical.

And we actually have examples at the time of Jesus, where King Herod killed all the children under two years old, all the male children. And the same thing in Egypt when Moses was saved, did God approve of the taking of the lives of those children? Absolutely not, exactly like today.

Now that’s a heavy topic, but guess what? It’s an important one. And when we stand before God, I believe we’re going to be held accountable for who we voted for now.

Not only life, but freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom of assembly, national security appointing judges who will be faithful to the constitution and the amendments as they were written.

Republican vs. Democrat Platform

Each of these areas has significant contrasts between the Republican and Democrat platforms. I would encourage everyone to take the time to read both of those platforms. It will be pretty obvious, which one is more biblical and God honoring.

Now while all Republicans aren’t perfect, I believe the Republican platform is the one we should clearly be supporting. That is the platform that will protect the God-given rights and freedoms we enjoy in this nation.

Donald Trump

Some people’s issues with Donald Trump are more personal based or what they call character-based. But I would challenge the validity of those, the relevance of those and the recency of those.

And does rejecting Donald Trump really drive you toward a more biblical options?

The truth is that Trump’s policies and actions in office are more true to the Republican platform and biblical principles than any other president in recent history. Your vote matters to God. So make it biblical and make it count.


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