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What is it?


The goal of this page is to help you go deeper with Your Faith at Work and deeper in your relationship with Jesus. The content here will also help prepare you to work with excellence and to know to respond to common things that come up in the workplace. Some of the topics will include challenges to your faith and the Bible, how to study deeper and other recommended resources.

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The articles in this section will help you develop a robust biblical view of work. An accurate view of work through a biblical lens is essential to developing the right mindset for fully removing all the disconnects between your faith and work. Then you will be free to partner with God, just like He designed you to.


People were created to work

Your work matters (for eternity)

God cares about your work

The nature of work is good

Partnership with God (biblical model)

Work as discipleship

Nothing is arbitrary

No disconnect between faith and work

Work glorifies God (all honorable work)

Kingdom, authority and influence

Stewardship and ownership

Work as ministry

Calling and vocation

Not about you

Working by faith

Working with excellence

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Relationship with God


Developing a strong relationship with God is essential not only to integrating faith and work, but also to every aspect of life. This section will provide an overview of the essential ways you can develop and maintain close intimacy with God through Jesus Christ.


The importance of intimacy with God

How to study the Bible

Regular devotionals


How to pray

How to fast


Avoiding legalism

Avoiding compromise

Dealing with struggles and sin

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Defending Your Faith


This section will equip you to answer questions and grow your faith with regard to some common topics that come up in the workplace.

Christians are called to give a reason for the hope that they have (1 Peter 3:15). This primarily speaks of the testimony that we have once we have come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. But it also includes being prepared to answer questions of people who may have them.

Many are surprised to find that biblical Christianity is actually a worldview that gets stronger through close examination. In fact, it is the only worldview that doesn’t completely fall apart when evaluated piece by piece.


What are we defending?

Reason, logic and faith

Science and faith

What is the Bible?

Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Reliability of the Bible

How we got the Bible

History and the Bible

Archeology and the Bible

Slavery and the Bible

Common “difficult” Bible passages

Sexuality and the Bible

Politics and the Bible

More Resources