One Resource With All the Answers

Do you have go-to person or resource for when you’re not sure what to do? Could you imagine if that resource had all the answers and knew all the outcomes before they arrived? What if using that resource also guaranteed that whatever you were going through would not be wasted?

As a follower of Jesus, we have exactly that kind of resource available to us today.

It is a wise approach to seek help for solutions to issues we face. To talk to people, seek advice, search online, learn more, get direction and to get information for making decisions. I do this practically every day. But there is another resource that we can not forget. It contains all the wisdom necessary to navigate life. That resource is God’s Word.

We must feed ourselves regularly on God’s Word. The benefits are both practical and supernatural. In the Bible, we see wisdom stated directly and we also see wisdom through how people handle situations together with God. Do you read your Bible with an eye to see this wisdom?

If not, I want to encourage you to do so. The Bible is much more practical than most people realize. It is not just a list of commands but a love story and the history of a nation. That love story is about how people were separated from God and how God came to earth to rescue and reconnect humankind to Himself. Jesus didn’t die for us just so we could follow rules and fend for ourselves. He wants to support and help us through everything. He wants us to rely on Him. He wants a relationship.

You must have a living ongoing relationship with God’s Word. After all, Jesus is the living Word. As we use the Bible, our senses are sharpened. There is a supernatural effect that takes place. The lens we see through and think through becomes more and more infused with God’s perspective.

I often spend time researching ideas for solving problems and getting input from others. But I then take it to God to see how to best go forward. Even though situations can be complicated, He will always simplify it for me and give me a clear next step. He will even set the situation up so I can take that next step. But I must give Him the time for Him to speak to me. God wants to do the same for you.

Knowledge is what we can get when we seek help for solutions – wherever we happen to look. Wisdom is what we get when we rightly apply that knowledge. God can give us both, but we need to come to Him to receive it.

We can often spend a lot of time mulling over decisions and possible actions in our mind. It can feel cloudy and complicated, like a glass of water with mixed with sand. But if we stop stirring the water and let the sand settle to the bottom, we will quickly see through the clear water. It is the same with our minds. Things can get complicated, but we need to let the dust settle so we can see clearly to move forward. When we come to God and learn to relax, our minds can settle so He can give us clear direction.

God speaks to us in many ways. He can speak to us through other people, through situations, through an impression we get and many other forms. But the primary way that God speaks to His people is through His Word. We learn to hear His voice specificly for us through spending time with Him and in His Word.

Pastor Bill Johnson once said, “In the natural you get hungry by not eating. In the spiritual you get hungry by eating.” This means that the more we pursue our relationship with God, the more we will want to do so. The more we know God, the more we will want to know Him. So, how hungry are you?

What is going on today that you can seek God for how to move forward? Bring it to Him and His Word and watch your hunger grow. He is the ONE with all the answers.

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