Thriving Spiritual Life at Work

We were created to thrive spiritually in all areas of life. Not just at church, in our small groups or in our Bible studies. Should the biggest demand on your time help you thrive spiritually? I believe it should. Most likely, the biggest demand on your time is your work. Whether you work for a company or government, work at home, or you are an entrepreneur, you should have a thriving spiritual life through your work.

Somehow we find it so easy to separate our lives into spiritual and non-spiritual. More than likely most of us are unaware of the separation we have in our minds; perhaps we never even gave it a thought. But we don’t find this kind of separation in the Bible.

Everything is spiritual, so why don’t we treat everything as such? When we think about the idea that “everything is spiritual” obvious things come to mind like time with family, telling the truth, how we treat others, and perhaps even how we handle money. But what about that area we call work?

What if you came to the end of the day excited about the time you spent with God at work, tackling problems, developing relationships, dealing with difficulties, overcoming failure, and getting supernatural solutions? All while serving as a personal representative of the King of heaven to everyone around you. That’s the perspective we want to cultivate. The mindset we want to develop.

When Jesus entered the room, the odds for everyone in that room changed. People were desperate and hopeless, but when they saw Jesus, they were filled excitement. They simply knew that Jesus could solve the problem before them. Do we see Jesus that way?

It gets even better. If you know Jesus, you are filled with the same Holy Spirit. What does that mean? It means that when you walk into the room, the odds change. The odds change for everyone and every project in that room. The God of heaven who knows everyone’s heart has a direct line of communication with the people and the projects. The direct line is you.

That line is hot with power all the time, whether you are talking about Jesus and obviously ‘spiritual’ things, or talking about budgets and timelines. God can show Himself through you however He wants to. Why not – He used a donkey to  save the life of a prophet in Numbers 22:21-39.

The first step is to realize that God designed your work for you. God called you to it. God prepared it for you. Nothing that comes to you is arbitrary or takes God by surprise. Whether you are in your dream job or on your way to it. You must look to Him for meaning and purpose in it. All the time. Perhaps God wants to shape you through something? Perhaps He wants to shape others through your work? Or maybe He wants to display Himself through how you handle a difficult situation or relationship?

We must realize that our work is not about us. Our work is about God. It is for Him and His glory. God will not waste anything that comes to us at our work. Romans 8:28 is just as true in our daily work as it is in the hospital room or at church. “God will use all things for the good of those who love Him, and are called according to His purposes.”

So the question is, do you expect to have a thriving spiritual life at work? If not, its time to begin seeking one. This blog, along with the other resources that will be available will seek to help you do just that. To help you thrive spiritually in your work. To help you have a vibrant relationship with God that others will marvel at and want to know how to have the same.

Think about it. God doesn’t want to waste anything. Look to Him to help you move toward that thriving spiritual life we all want. Yes, even in our daily work.

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