Your Faith at Work – Join the Movement

Most people struggle to connect their faith to their daily work. It shouldn’t be that way. In reality, God cares deeply about our work. He not only cares about our work, but He is fully engaged in what we are doing. God even knows what is coming to us and how it will turn out. His plans include it.

Our work is not an arbitrary and random place we happen to find ourselves, even though sometimes it can feel that way. While there may be times when change is needed, one thing is for certain: our work is a place where God wants to meet us and partner with us.

Open your Bible and you don’t need to look far to see where God has partnered with His people. You will find that the partnership very often was surrounding things like business or daily work, not always related to church or Bible studies.

This may sound surprising, but take a step back. What about Daniel and honoring God instead of bowing to the king? Or Joseph when he interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream? Or David and Goliath? Do you recall these stories recorded in the Bible? Every one of them had something in common. Each person partnered with God right where they were. They had a relationship with God that allowed them to count on Him when they needed to. Wherever they were – it wasn’t only when they were in church or reading their Bible. It was when they found themselves in difficult situations with no way out.

In each of the stories, God was there. He knew what was coming. His followers trusted Him. God was fully engaged in what was going on in their lives. Is it the same for us today? Absolutely. God could not be more interested in our daily lives than He already is right now.

God wants us to share our daily work with Him. He wants to give us solutions to difficult problems, He wants to fix the impossible relationships, to meet the impossible timelines. He wants to give you a new idea that will give the breakthrough you have been waiting for. He even wants to give us the next innovation that will disrupt an industry.

All of this makes sense, right? The question is not whether you believe it. I’m sure you do. The question is whether you will live your daily life as though it is true. Will you expect God to move in your daily work? Will you ask Him to invade and take over the situation you are dealing with right now? Try it out. You will like the results.

I want to invite you to join the movement. The Your Faith at Work Movement. We won’t be misled anymore into believing that we aren’t doing “God’s work” if we don’t work for a church or a ministry organization. Just like God wanted to use people where they were in the Bible, He wants to use you right where you are today.

This movement will be a wild ride. We will see God show up and move like never before. We will see His supernatural solutions coming as we learn to rely on Him more throughout our day. As we learn to bring things to Him and to expect Him to move. So get excited and buckle up.

Welcome to Your Faith at Work.

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